Texas Couple Accused of Taking Over $600,000 in Healthcare Fraud Scheme – In the United States, health care fraud and similar charges are not taken lightly. If one is accused of this type of crime, he or she could face hefty fines and years behind bars. Moreover, federal agencies can get involved in the investigation. This might create lifelong consequences for suspects or offenders.

A Texas health care scheme took the media by storm when a couple was charged with heathcare fraud in the Eastern District of Texas. The man and woman, both in their late 50s, were charged by a federal grand jury in late March 2013. The couple has been accused of “theft of government money,” KETK NBC indicates.

According to KETK NBC, authorities claim that the couple submitted fake claims to Medicaid and Medicare from January of 2007 to June of 2010 and received an amount exceeding $624,000 from the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Medicare Program is a healthcare benefit program that provides assistance to those who are older than 65 and other individuals who suffer from blindness or severe disabilities. Moreover, the Texas Medical Assistance Program is financially supported by Texas and the federal government. This system helps pay for any reasonable or essential medical services for individuals eligible for the assistance.

Healthcare fraud is within the ambit of white-collar crimes. Stealing resources from the government is considered an egregious offense. For example, if the man and women are convicted, the fraudulent charge could pull in up to a decade in federal prison time for each. While sources have little information on the specific matter, at this time, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Texas Office of the Attorney General are investigating the case.

The FBI is the main agency that addresses instances of healthcare fraud. Healthcare fraud costs the United States somewhere around $80 billion a year, according to the FBI’s website. For this reason, authorities are beginning to come down hard on the issue. The agency has jurisdiction over both federal and private insurance programs. The FBI utilizes various investigative strategies and collaborates with federal, state and local groups in an effort to uncover fraud.

Defending Healthcare Fraud Cases

If you have been charged with a fraudulent crime, it may be time to contact a qualified criminal law attorney in your area. The law is merciless when it comes to healthcare fraud charges. However, a skilled legal professional with ample experience can help you address any pending allegations against you. Contact Dallas criminal defense attorney Sally Goodman today to get started on your defense.