The Fourth Amendment Protects People, Not Places

Imagine glancing outside to see a uniformed man rifling through your mailbox. When you approach, he grins broadly from behind a pair of mirrored aviators. “What’s this all about, officer?” you inquire. “Oh, nothing in particular,” he replies, shredding his way into another envelope bearing your name. “Just thought I’d see if you’re up to […]


Texas Couple Accused of Receiving $624,000 in Health Care Scheme

In the United States, health care fraud and similar charges are not taken lightly. If one is accused of this type of crime, he or she could face hefty fines and years behind bars. Moreover, federal agencies can get involved in the investigation. This might create lifelong consequences for suspects or offenders. A Texas health […]


Investigators deploy various tools in Texas internet solicitation cases

Becoming the subject of an internet investigation related to the online solicitation of a minor is life altering. Not only are there criminal penalties, but also if convicted sex offender registration rules apply and jobs and housing can be hard to come by because of required background checks. Recently, the Texas Attorney General announced the […]


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